Multi-breed dog club AELIT. Moscow. Russian.


We are ready to offer you high-quality purebred puppies, healthy physique, with a beautiful little face.
Funny, cheerful, playful puppies with a baby face distinguish us from many breeders, dog kennels.

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Multi-breed dog club "AELIT" - sale of puppies of breeds: Maltese (Maltese lapdog), Pomeranian, miniature poodle, English bulldog of rare white color.

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Here you can find articles of a teaching, narrative, and cognitive nature. Topics are different, everyone will find something different: about breed standards, about caring for puppies and adult dogs, about growing puppies...


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Our puppies live in different cities and countries. In Moscow, Moscow Region, Novosibirsk, Omsk,Cheboksary...different cities of Russia and cities of other countries. In Yakutia, Belarus, Hungary, China, France, Spain and Italy. There are more than one in France:))

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At the moment, our priority is breeding Maltese dogs (Maltese lapdog).

We guarantee excellent health, high quality and status of our puppies.

The main reasons why choose us!

We are an officially registered cynological Organization in the unified state register of legal entities

We are members of the RKF (FCI) (Russian Cynological Federation) with a letter mark registered in the register

Pedigree and excellent pedigree of each puppy

100% Healthy
Status puppies

25 years of experience!
We Are Professionals!

Our Customers Talk About Us

Funny, cheerful, playful puppies with a baby face distinguish us from many breeders, dog kennels.


mark 38

We bought our Doll as a gift for me on March 8. We have already grown up, and we have given birth to children of the same doll maltese. The years pass and we all family like my gift to you more and more every day!

Elena - the owner of the Doll on March 8, 2015


mark 387

Our bead is like a daughter to us.
Smart, well-mannered, obedient, cheerful and responsive. Thank you to the club and personally to Svetlana.

Irina is the owner of the bead since November 27, 2019


mark 319

Our Lucretia ended up with 1.6 kg.
It's amazing - she's even smaller than dad, and we didn't even count on such a tiny baby.
Angelina-owner of Lucretia since July 8, 2018